What is it that all humans have in common across all ethnicities and socioeconomic conditions? We all make mistakes! Not all of us however, are subject to 24 hour media scrutiny. Celebrities, executives, politicians and religious figures are a few of the professions that require a public relations adviser to weather the media storm after a particularly public mistake.

  My name is Susan, and I am a senior at the University of  West Florida, majoring in Communication Arts, specializing in Public Relations. “I have chosen “How to regain your reputation after a PR mistake” because like everyone else I too have made my share of mistakes in my 15 years of experience in the Defense Aerospace Industry.”  I have always learned from them and seldom repeated the same one twice, which is a valuable lesson to take away from this blog.

  Humans are normally forgiving if the error is acknowledged and an apology is offered. Therefore, it is always best to immediately apologize to your family and the public. Make certain this apology is heartfelt and sincere, outline the reason for the failure without making excuses, and detail how and why it won’t happen again.

   We all know of people who have made very public mistakes in the digital age and required the assistance of public relations professionals to regain their reputation; Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Robert Downey Jr., Elliot Spitzer and Michael Vick just to name a few. Some of these cases seemed hopeless, but through diligent work from the client and PR professional their reputations were repaired.


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